Notification of new comment

Notification of new comment



 Jun 22 2017
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As a channel owner and content creator, it would be nice to know that a new comment was posted.  This could either be done in Stream or allow it to be openly configurable with a Flow connector.

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I agree, there doesn't appear to be any notification of comments to video / channel owners when comments are posted.


However, from a larger organisation perspective, its not always the person uploading the video that would reply to comments.  Perhaps there could be a notifications setting in the video settings to determine who's notified when comments are added?


It would also be great if you could tag people in your organisation in the comments/replies - and it generating a notification to the tagged user.  This would be a really useful feature to boost engagement and interaction with key content.


I desperately need this feature implemented - I have colleagues giving me editing instructions in the comments section (which is really handy because of the timestamp feature) on videos that are sometimes 2-3 weeks old - by which point I am working on other projects and not constantly checking the comment section on older videos. Comments made by my colleagues have gone unaddressed as a result.

Currently, I have to ask them to E-mail me once they have left editing instructions - which is really cumbersome.


@ mentions to trigger notifications, to poster, 'owner' and people mentioned. Without this moderation is impossible - we cannot have a full timer checking all videos to see and act on comments. This is very cumbersome as mentioned above.

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I really need a notification to be able to respond to questions
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Please can we get a reply or update on the suggestions made above - all of these are important, otherwise we might as well use YouTube (which is not what we want).

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We get notifications (in-app and via email) on other Microsoft apps -- why not Stream? Comments to a video and new videos being posted on a channel seem like basic asks. Tagging individuals in the company/group seems like another basic ask.


Otherwise what's the point of "Following"?