Mirror private channel security of Teams and Stream?

Mirror private channel security of Teams and Stream?



 Mar 10 2020
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In research and project management, the privacy of projects, development methods and customer conversations needs to be handled in a small group.  Security does not seem to be driven at the channel level in Stream like it is in Teams.   This restricts the creation of a Stream Channel in a broader group to share video notes, method training, etc. Is it possible to mirror security of a channel in Teams to a Stream channel?


This would be very helpful to set in Teams and not have to repeat this security in a separate group in Stream that does not align.  Also, the management of these large research teams would be in sync with the projects and scope they are working on and they can be added/deleted accordingly.  


Looking for Stream to provide the channel security balance as teams does.


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Hi @Jimbo84Thanks for your input! While we don't have any plans to make changes to how channels are permissioned in Stream (Classic), we've already started moving towards the Teams model as part of New Stream phase 1. Read more about how you can opt in now to auto-upload Teams Meeting Recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint. Hopefully, you will find that the way we can now store channel meeting recordings and other videos in channel folders will go beyond just emulating Teams channels and eliminate the need to permission your Teams content in two locations.

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