Migration from Fileshare to Microsoft Stream

Migration from Fileshare to Microsoft Stream



 Apr 23 2018
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Needs more info

It woul be nice, to have a migration tool which moves videos from fileshare to Microsoft Stream, adding metadata, create channels und helps to shift from onpremise to Cloud with Video

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Hi Karsten. This sounds interesting. Could you share more details? Are you using a specific fileshare software, or do you just mean generically moving from on-premises storage, perhaps attached to a Windows Server computer?

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Hi Chris, 

i just mean generically from on-premise storage like normal windows based file shares. As i know some customers who have lots of videos in their file shares which might be better organized and accessed by employees if they would be in MS Stream. But uploading them one by one would take long time.

Hope this helps you? Kind regards


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