Microsoft Word & Email Editors - "Double Quote" Shortcut

Microsoft Word & Email Editors - "Double Quote" Shortcut



 Jan 08 2019
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Here is my thought and idea on word editors as Microsoft Word/Outlook Email/any word documents. 


Solution Name - "Double Quote Quick Shortcut"   Ctrl + " 



Most of the time when I'm typing an email,  I use the double quoted words in my content. For that I have to type the double quote before and after the word every time, instead of what if I have the short cut just like CTRL + B.


Solution :

Just select the word or sentence, do CTRL + "   this will double quote the word or sentence in quick seconds instead of doing the double quote manually every time. 


Similar way this can be applied for single quote as well CTRL + ' 


Please think through it and let me know if you need anything further.  



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This is a good idea. I've been looking for the same.