Microsoft STREAM: Permissions at the Channel level

Microsoft STREAM: Permissions at the Channel level
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Today , we can't apply to a Channel a level the permissions to a "Security Group" , only an "Office Group".
so, very unfortunately, it blocks actually the use of this service



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Yes I agree with that. We now use Video and we are able to add security groups to channels there. 

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Yes I agree too. We need to use security at channel level

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Yip, without this it’s not ideal to offer this as a service in a enterprise. This should have been in place from the get go, like we have in O365 Video Service. In addition this, Channel needs to be designed  in a way where someone can be assigned as an admin  for that channel to upload videos and manage in that channel. I know you can probably somewhat do this with Stream Group but needs to be at channel level. 

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Not someone, but a group must be assigned as an admin, we can not manage holding user by user. It is not a best practice (same as SharePoint), we have to be able to manage by group designation, for administration, collaboration or read only :)

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Agree assigning permission by the admins must have the group functionality but an owner/admin must be a SPOC ( like the SharePoint Site Collection’s primary/secondary admins) otherwise it’s problemating in maintaining R n R.  Too many admins/Owners for a single site/channel causes problems. Thanks. 

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with a good REST API and a good powershell code, no worry about maintaining a good security on any channels. If youtube can do, Stream must do ;)

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