Microsoft Stream Moodle Plugin

Microsoft Stream Moodle Plugin



 Sep 15 2017
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It would be great if a Moodle Plugin became available, which allows students to submit videos to their assignments via Stream. I work in education and Stream would be an ideal application to use for this purpose, particularly becasue it's a safe and secure application and provides unlimited streaming. I have not come across any other application thus far which would meet our needs in the way Stream can.  

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An LTI plugin would be geat!

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Having worked with LTI in the past, I'd caution that LTI mainly solves authentication - LTI allows both the LMS and VCM to agree on an authentication "authority".  The actual LMS + VCM integration (for Moodle or Canvas, etc) requires LMS (and VCM) specific "hooks" for functional integration.  For example, the mechanisms needed to display a list of videos (with posters, sort, search, etc) that a specific student can watch in her Moodle History 101 "room" starts by sharing the student's LTI authentication, but the actual permissions afforded the student & the mechanisms needed to create the array and display the results are outside of LTI.   Ditto the ability to enable a student to upload a reply video into the History 101 homework repository (can other students see it?  Instructors only?  Can she remove it?  Replace it?).


So LTI compliance (authored by Stream) + plugins for specific LMS (authored by an informed LMS community) would most likely be necessary.

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In that case, what about shared otherwise-provided organization authentication, without item security?


If video wasn't listed elsewhere, it could be easily presented in LMS + VCM systems in the appropriate order/context and the per person etc. security would be far less important.

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Any update?

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