Microsoft Stream - Hide additional video content/"More from Trending Videos" section

Microsoft Stream - Hide additional video content/"More from Trending Videos" section



 May 31 2019
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So I'm somewhat new to Stream so bare with me. I am building out a new SP site (University/Training) and migrating data from On Prem to Online. I'm adding the Stream URL to specified SP sites to open one-off videos. This is thus far working as expected, however I am noticing on each video uploaded and viewed by whomever I share the page with, there are unwanted lists of other "Trending videos" off to the right of the page that I don't want to be visible, specifically it says "More from Trending videos" and it includes ALL the videos I'm uploading to my MS Stream admin account. Certain SP sites and sub-sites are restricted to certain user's and departments so my idea is more of a question but could be an idea if there's no way to achieve what I'm attempting to do. Is there currently a feature in place to hide this "More from Trending videos" section so no videos are displaying whatsoever? If there currently isn't a way to do this, can a feature be added to disable or hide these unwanted videos that do not pertain to the main video I'm linking to the SP site.

Thank you for listening :) 

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Hi @O365Admin_7722 , 


Two options that might work for you:

  1. remember that because you are an admin your trending videos will be ALL videos. For each user they will only see videos that they have access to which the "system" defines as trending. 
    Test this with a real user account that has just been disabled, or with a test account.
  2. You say "I'm adding the Stream URL to specified SP sites"
    This tells me that you have control over the web pages that the users are coming from.
    What you could do is not link to the standard Stream address as in your uploaded screen shot. You could use the "share" button on the video and get the "embed" code and put that on the page the user is coming from, that way you avoid showing users the "trending" videos column. Unless they click through to the original page. Maybe that is good enough.


Hope this helps.

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