Make Description including Time links visible for Stream videos in MS Teams and Modern pages

Make Description including Time links visible for Stream videos in MS Teams and Modern pages
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The ability to add time links to the description field to jump to that time point in the video is amazing.  However the fact the description field is not displayed when adding a video or stream channel tab to Teams makes it less useful.  Please display the video description by default when a video is shown in MS Teams

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@Mark Moore - The video description is now displayed when you embed a Stream channel to a tab in teams, via webpart in SharePoint online, or via embed code.  Does the current UI meet your need on this, or is the issue still that only a small part of the description is displayed on the card?


@Marc Mroz- I see the partial description as an improvement, and understand a balance needs to be struck in terms of screen real estate, but the few extra lines do not help in the scenario this thread is asking for.  If I have a long video of say a meeting that lasted an hour andf have gone to the trouble of adding timelinks to allow people to jump to sections, there is still no way to see any of the description other than the top 3 lines without clicking through to view on Stream.  The reality of human nature is that most folks would see the video is an hour long, not see anyway to jump to sections they want and would just move on by.  Is there no way to improve this further by either dispaying the whole description on mouseover (and allowing links to be clicked in the popup) or adding an elispsis to the existing brief description to allow a popup menu to show full description, and any other useful menu options?

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I fully support this request. (make the full description available/ clickable from embed code)

Btw I couldn't find any documentation about these time links.