LTI support

LTI support
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develope a LTI integration to use stream in a LMS.

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LTI would be nice, I think all office 365 applications shoud attempt some basic LTI support of LMS intergration.

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 LTI 2.0 support would help with the integration of tooling in higher education learning environments.

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Please yes and whilst you are there can you do something about embedding Office365 into Canvas LMS pages? Schools with Office 365 integration are unable to do anything other than link OneDrive for Business files. This is very frustrating particularly as OneDrive personal can do it...

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The functionality of the OneNote classroom LTI would be perfect for a Teams LTI! :)

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An assumption I had was that if there was an integration of Office Mix into Canvas LMS that Microsoft would not replace their product with another product which did not have an integration into Canvas.
That is very disappointing!

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