Live Streaming Tools for Broadcasts (not meetings)

Live Streaming Tools for Broadcasts (not meetings)



 Jan 20 2021

I manage Broadcast studios across 18+ schools where our students present a "News Show" broadcast each morning for their fellow classmates. We used to broadcast to an on prem AWS Flash Server which was replaced with MS Stream after the announcements of Flash being shut down.


All of these studios have professional grade equipment such as capture cards, cameras, lights, analog audio mixers, and small green screen studios. We use Wirecast, currently, to broadcast to the clunky ingest system in MS Stream now.


Moving forward with the new Stream I would like to make sure that my studios will still be able to do this and it would be great to see it improved upon to make it simpler on these users.


  1. MS Stream livestreaming should remain. Platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live/Gaming, and previously Mixer were not applicable in use for professional or educational environments primarily due to their public face. MS Stream allowed us to utilize a similar service while keeping the content internal to our systems. This is an absolute must have.
  2. MS Stream livestreaming is currently clunky and unintuitive with the requirement of a new event and ingest URL each broadcast. The permissions system the Group and Channels... all of it was clunky and not intuitive to high level tech users that manage our prebuilt studios. While they have a lot of professional equipment they only use it, and rarely troubleshoot or modify on their own.
  3. MS Stream should have a format using a single ingest URL per channel and be structured much like the public facing products it resembles. The Permissions system sounds like it will use the organizations Sharepoint management which will be a vast improvement already.
  4. MS Stream must support 3rd party tools such as XSplit, OBS, Wirecast or any other capture and production software. If you are expecting everyone to use Teams Meetings to do live events then you will need to drastically improve the features to do so. Look at the feature sets in any of the listed 3rd parties and you will understand that layering overlays, captures, proper green screen filters, audio filters, and so much more is just not possible in a standard Teams environment.
  5. MS could consider building a basic feature Stream Broadcaster software that supported the necessities. I would be open to discussing with the team what our studios specifically use if this is something MS is even remotely interested in offering through their O365 suite.

I know this was a lot, but I had to dump everything in one submission to ensure it was all covered. I'm digging through other posts and upvoting what is relevant to me. I look forward to seeing what MS Stream will become and I certainly hope the product doesn't become useless to my studios.

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