Live events needs Forms integration

Live events needs Forms integration



 Apr 13 2020
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We need a way to add Forms to Stream live events.


We are still using a third-party tool that allows us to do surveys at the start, end, and in the middle.

It would be great if we could integrate Forms into a live event like you can with videos.


It's already available Annotation 2020-04-14 104945.png

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No that is videos only not live events.

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Is it possible to display a Forms survey at the end of a Live Event?



​​​​Microsoft Stream のライブイベント中、もしくは、ライブイベント後にForms の画面を表示してアンケートを表示させる機能を希望します。

Microsoft Stream にアップロードした動画は、[対話機能] から フォームを追加することが可能ですが、ライブイベントではフォームを追加することができません。

ライブイベントでも Forms の画面を表示できるように機能の拡充を希望します。


We would like to be able to display a survey on a Forms screen either during or after a Live Event on Stream.

It is possible to add a form through “Interactivity” for videos uploaded to Stream, but not for Live Events.

Please allow Forms screens to be shown for Live Events, too.

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