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 Oct 03 2019
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I am using SharePoint and Stream to create a Library of training videos for the company I work for and would love to be able to pause a video and provide a link to handouts and related documents from SharePoint the user may need to go along with the videos.

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Hi Larry. Thanks for sharing your suggestion! Could you please provide a bit more detail?


We're not quite clear on what you'd like the user experience to be. Who is pausing the video? How / where would you like to "provide a link to handouts and related documents" - in the video, in the comments, in the Interactivity pane, verbally? How / when would the video be un-paused?



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Since posting this we have developed a SharePoint site with the videos and related documents on the same page so the users can pause the video and get any additional resources that might be referenced.  However, SharePoint and Stream do have limitations on how we sort the videos on the SharePoint site and does not provide any useable data on who has watched the videos and if they watched through to the end or exited prior to the end.  I have also experimented with adding Forms to the end as quizzes to assess the learning experience but have no plans to do that at this time.





@Lschmitendorf - Larry, circling back to this, we are now making improvements to the Stream web part for use with New Stream. If there are specific requests you have for what content you can show with a web part and how it gets sorted, please share those as a new idea, and add the "Web Part" label. Just go to Submit an Idea.


Regarding who watched and for how long, it's true that Stream (Classic) does not provide this information. However, if you are using New Stream and thus store your video files on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online, you can access basic statistics about views and viewers. For site-level statistics, see Site Usage information. At the file level, select any video, and then go to the Details pane and click on Views, which brings up a separate File Statistics pane.   


@ChrisKnowlton - Great that these new features will soon be available.  

I'm wondering if the team could add to the backlog the ability to host truly interactive videos.  That is where the user clicks on the video itself (rather than player controls) and something happens, e.g. a modal opens within the video, or a document  or web page opens in another tab/window or similar.

Vudoo  is an platform for hosting interactive videos which provides this service.


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