Intellegent search based on the transcription of the video

Intellegent search based on the transcription of the video
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An intellegent way to search based on the audio inside the video

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How do I utilize Stream to provide meeting transcriptions? 

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Would this at all be implementing Microsoft's Cognitive Services to create transcripts? I've stumbled across Video Indexer since Build 2017 and would love to see it being implemented directly within Stream. It'd basically make Stream the ultimate video portal for basically anyone. The possibilities of searching and sorting through videos and then even analytics would be so powerful that it'd basically make this the best platform for videos.
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Microsoft Stream has intelligence capabilities to automatically detect what was spoken in the video, and allow users with the appropriate licenses, to search on the transcript across all videos, and within a specific video.

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It doesn't work for me. I've uploaded an English video, the automated subtitles are working, but there is no transcript of the complete video and neither can I search in the video. What am I doing wrong? We have an Office 365 Education licence. 


@Ashwin Brouwer - It sounds like everything is working correctly if the automatic captions were generated.  The transcript, deep searching and people features are only available in certain licenses and tiers.  The Office 365 Education license has multiple tiers within in, and the above features are currently only available in I believe the A5 version.  

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@Amit Rajput Thats too bad, we have E3 I believe. Is it coming to E3 aswell? 

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