Integrate with Teams.

Integrate with Teams.



 Jun 20 2017
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In a video  / creative workgroup, this can greatly benefit users from concept to delivery.

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extention support module i.e. DAM {ALL}

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To add, we should be able to link/give access Stream Channels to groups (planner/onenote/onedrive) 



We now have integration into Teams. If you have other great ideas around how can we do even more with Teams, we'd love to hear Smiley Happy. Hope you like this capability.


Here is a quick link with more info -

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@Vishal Sood is it possible in Teams to search for a specific video in the Stream channel I have connected to my Teams? All my videos from Stream is shown in a not appropriate order, and therefore I would like to be able to search for a specific video. 

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