Integrate Survey capabilities into the Video playback interface

Integrate Survey capabilities into the Video playback interface



 Jul 28 2020
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Today I have to manually create a survey form on and at the end of my training share that out with presenters. Then later I have to copy that survey link into the video description pasted on stream site. This is a bit too much work for video content that really does warrant survey feedback. 


Please build in a feature into streams that allows me to set a video survey link and have that somehow render below in the UI when the video starts playing. If users can see the survey link, or survey questions while they watch the video they may be more willing to provide feedback on the fly while watching through the video. If I go to post a video, or move a video to a channel, please add in some settings that allows me to do one of two things...


Option #1 - For the "Survey" video setting, allow me to select an existing survey form from, from my own personal library, or from any group libraries. 


Option #2 - The other option would be for me to create a brand new survey form right there in the UI, or somehow move cleanly from stream site to forms site for creating the new survey questions, and then come back to stream site and have that automatically 'attached' to the video stream. 


I'd like to have that survey link available for feedback from ANYONE that watches the video into the future.


Another option would be for Stream site to just implement and host their own survey implementation and then you could just email the video owner(s) when a new survey was added to the video. If you decide to roll your own, then just allow us to set questions, question type and accept at least one long text response from the viewers. 



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Hi Todd, Stream currently gives you the capability to add a Form to a particular time stamp of a video you own. From the video playback page, click the "Interactivity" tab at the top of the transcript window. From there you can add a Form via a link and specify where in the video it should appear. The Form then appears in the video frame at that time so users can fill it out.