Increase the 4-hour time limit for live events

Increase the 4-hour time limit for live events
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We frequently have events that start at 9am and run until 5pm. They will take breaks now and then, but we leave the stream running for convenience. This way, the end user doesn’t have to find a link to the afternoon session. It also helps with the VoD file afterwards – we can upload the single file and add times to chapter it. Without playlists in Stream, this is the better option for us.


My concern for live events is we will have schedule the same event multiple times in Stream to accommodate an all-day affair. Then, we will have to provide users with all of the separate links. Finally, we will have to stop the encoders, reset them with the new ingest URLs, and then start them again. This process will take time, and we may not be afforded that luxury depending on how the live discussion is going. And that brings me to my last concern…


We will have to make sure there is a hard stop at the four-hour mark. What if Q&A is running long? What if the presenter has great momentum on a particular topic? We will have to cut him/her off because we are at 3hrs 58mins. We will have to make everyone wait until we can get the encoders and new links reset. Then, they can continue.

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I see the 4-hour time limit warning for Teams quickstart but Teams external encoder and Stream external encoder don't appear to have a time limit.



how can you extend the transfer time after 4 hours?

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