I will miss some of the features of Mix

I will miss some of the features of Mix



 Nov 14 2017
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I have migrated all of my mixes to Stream, and although it's worded as if the move from Mix to Stream is an upgrade or improvement, we Mix users loose a ton of functionality.  Here are some examples,

1. The table of contents feature when uploading a Powerpoint to Mix is very convenient for people to find a section of a lesson.  I don't know if it's possible to create this in Stream.  Stream doesn't even give you the "youtube" thumbnail when you drag across the timeline bar at the bottom of the video. 

2. The analytics in mix allowed me to see how long a user spends on each slide of a ppt, and how long they watched the lesson.  I don't see this function within Stream.  I cannot tell who has logged in and watched my stream videos.

3. Uploading to Mix was MUCH faster than having my PC make a video, then uploading to Stream.  This process seems to take forever and the file sizes are huge.

4. Small changes in a PPT, then uploading an "existing mix" was very simple and fast process within Office Mix.  Now, when updating a PPT, you have to reconvert the lesson into a video.  I have a good/powerful PC and a 1 hour lecture takes a long time . . . this process was MUCH faster using Mix. 

5. The download link was nice in Mix, so I could download the original presentation off of the Mix site. 


I don't know if it's possible to keep the mix features and functions as an option within Stream so users can chose to either stream a video or play a PPT mix.  I do, however, appreciate the ability to do any of this within Office365 and I understand that there are other factors that must play a role in eliminating Mix.  




I'm very late here, Sean, but I totally agree. The transition has been distinctly underwhelming. I think point 1 is the single biggest loss, for our users. That said, I hadn't experienced as much of a disparity as you describe in 3 and 4. It was always fairly slow for us for larger (1+ hour) presentations to upload to Mix, so the PPT change hasn't been that noticeable. 

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I totally agree with all of the points, the first two being the most important for me. The table of content made it very easy for students to review certain sections of a lesson. For the second point: we often ask our students to watch an office mix in preparation of a lesson, a workshop... (flipped classroom principle). With the analytics function, we could check if everyone had done the preparation properly. I sincerely hope this functions will be incorporated in Stream very, very soon!

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I agree with all 5 points. For my students, #1 is important. For me, #4. Every semester, I update a few slides with real time data. Mix was the best tool for this over all the other alternatives. I don't even have to give my students a new video link after updating. 

I sold Mix to my colleagues for their online classes a few years ago. With Mix retiring and Stream going nowhere, I don't know what to tell my colleagues any more.

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