How to change the speed

How to change the speed



 Jun 20 2017
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Is there an option to change the video speed like in YouTube?

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Do you mean playback at 1.5x, 2x, etc.. with audio pitch correction?

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Yes Like in Youtube




You can now watch the videos from 0.5x all way till 2.0x. Just checkout the player and look for the quality you are watching, volume and full screen buttons.



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@Vishal Sood does the player support variable speed playback (0.5x up to 2.0x) during a live stream?  I tried to do this during the Microsoft Build sessions a week or two ago and didn't find the option. 


This would be particularly useful if you join a live-stream late (like a corporate town hall) and want to 'speed up' until the point of live broadcast.   Current problem is if you start 30 minutes late, you're going to finish 30 minutes after the event (and everyone else) is already done.   Also, prior to this content (MS Build) getting uploaded to Youtube, I still wasn't able to play it back in variable speed.  Is the Player different for live-events than for Stream in general? 

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@TechCommunityAPIAdmin, why was this marked complete?  There are no speed controls in Stream (on SharePoint), only captions and quality.  




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