Group channels in Microsoft Stream

Group channels in Microsoft Stream



 Nov 04 2020
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Microsoft Stream のグループ チャンネルの機能について

Group channels in Microsoft Stream







Under the current behavior, when creating a channel from a group, they are created in a flat structure rather than in a hierarchy, but it would be easier to explain to users how to use the system if you could organize videos hierarchically to deploy them to all users in the organization.

Please make it possible to specify a hierarchical structure when creating channels from groups.

Status changed to: Not at this time

Hi @O365_Japan_Support . Thanks for your input! The lack of hierarchy with channels can be frustrating. Unfortunately, we won't be making any changes to this in Stream (Classic), but for New Stream, I hope that using nested folders in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business will meet your needs. If not, please open a new Idea here with a bit more detail about the admin and user experience, and we'll see how we can help! 

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