Granular Stream Administrative Controls

Granular Stream Administrative Controls



 Feb 27 2018
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Recently we started investigating Stream for our institution. We noticed the admin settings are really lacking causing us to not proceed with a roll-out. Some changes we would like to see in the admin center include:

1. Only allowing a specific group/s to post to the whole organization. I can easily see a marketing/training folks having control over something like this. Right now it is an all or nothing approach. I don't want to turn off uploading for everyone that defeats the purpose of Stream.

2. Being able to flag inappropriate content or comments as well as having it be moderated notifications going to the admins group.

3. By default when a video gets uploaded it should be placed within an Office 365 group the user selects. It is my understanding that our Stream environment is a giant pool of Azure space. However, we put quotas on our Office 365 groups, Stream pretty much disregards that.

4. Delegation of Spotlight Videos would be a nice to have. Giving someone Admin Rights seems to be overkill but trust me when I say, I should NOT be the one to choose the Spotlight videos. People will be getting Rick Rolled on the regular.


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