Get notifications when a new video is added to a channel

Get notifications when a new video is added to a channel
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I think this is what the "Follow" button does: Subscribe to a channel

Now can I follow all the channels by the user? Also, Will I get notification that a new video is uploaded to the channel?


As a content creator, can I see who is following my channels and send a notification to all my followers?

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Followers should receive notifications when a new video is posted.  It would also be nice to see who the followers are in my channels.


I updated the idea title to reflect the ask for notifications. The follow button is already there :).

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It would also be useful to receive a notification when someone comments on a video I've uploaded

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Hi: I want to know Is this Idea was already included on Stream or if it still pending to be deploy?

It would be a great feature to get notifications when a channel that you are following has a video uploaded.  Is this a potential future feature?

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