Get notifications when a new video is added to a channel

Get notifications when a new video is added to a channel
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I think this is what the "Follow" button does: Subscribe to a channel

Now can I follow all the channels by the user? Also, Will I get notification that a new video is uploaded to the channel?


As a content creator, can I see who is following my channels and send a notification to all my followers?

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Followers should receive notifications when a new video is posted.  It would also be nice to see who the followers are in my channels.


I updated the idea title to reflect the ask for notifications. The follow button is already there :).

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It would also be useful to receive a notification when someone comments on a video I've uploaded

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Hi: I want to know Is this Idea was already included on Stream or if it still pending to be deploy?

It would be a great feature to get notifications when a channel that you are following has a video uploaded.  Is this a potential future feature?

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Any update ?We created training channels and added them as tabs in a MS Teams channels.Rather than messaging the channel that new videos are uploaded we'd like a message in Teams or an email that notifies people that a new video has been uploaded to the relevant Streams channel .Can we get this submitted as  feature request formally or at least know if its coming ?


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Wait, it's still not a feature? this is like the most common sense feature in the whole program. if you "follow" a channel, you should be notified when there is new content. original request was 3 years ago, get it together. How was this not a feature when you released the product?

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I would also love a notification when a new video is added to a channel that I'm following.  Reading the other comments, I think it's a great idea to be able to see who is following your channel(s) and receive a notification of comments or likes that are added to your channel(s).

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Come on.  This suggestion is 3 years old.  What good is a video service that doesn't offer notifications when new content is posted.  Is anyone at Microsoft interested in improving Stream or are you happy with it just being a dumping ground for Teams meeting recordings.

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I pretty much wish this feature. Without this feature, creating a channel on Stream doesn't have much attraction to me.

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Our organization would also like this feature. If not, please build out connections in Stream so we can use Power Automate for notifications. 

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YES, YES, YES!!! We NEED this feature NOW!!! THIS is what "follow" means - people that "follow" should receive a message once a new video is posted to the channel! PLEASE DO THIS ASAP!
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I agree! We need this feature!!! 


As a user it seems odd to follow a channel, but NOT get notifications when there is new content on that channel. I get that its initial function was to provide an ability to 'bookmark' your favourite channels, but who has time to actively search thru those channels to check for new content?


Youtube will tell me that a channel I 'subscribe' to has uploaded a new video for me to watch. I think the community is expecting MS Streams 'follow' function to work in the same way.


Like a previous commenter (that's not a word), we are using channels to upload training content and need our users to be aware that there is a new video, without us also having to email them to tell them, kinda defeats the object of keeping it all hosted in Streams. We are effectively only using it then as a repository.


Update from MS would be appreciated to know if this is under consideration.

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