Folders in Channels

Folders in Channels



 Jun 20 2017
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I would like to be able to create folders within Channels so that I can organise videos.  Our videos can be broken down in to chapters for easy access to specific parts of the video so organising in folders would be great.  For example, we are a school and have different subjects.  So if we could have channels such as Geography, History, English etc, then create a folder called "Of Mice and Men" and then have videos in there would make it simple to organise for us.  At the moment with only a channel, we can't use Stream at all.



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Missing opportunity to add subdirectories or catalogues within a channel to make it easier to navigate. Currently possible to solve by adding tags.
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Tags is a much faster solution for that

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I would love to see the folders or tags implemented inside a channel. It would make life a lot easier when managing the content.

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Microsoft Stream has the concept of groups, which is a set of people who have permissions on a concept. Stream also has channels, which are a way to organize your content within those groups.


So you can create multiple groups for "Geography", "History", "English" and then create channels for "Of Mice and Men".


This should satisfy the idea request, please feel free to include another idea if you wish to see additional features.

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Need folders please

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Status changed to: Completed