Face Tagging from User Profile

Face Tagging from User Profile



 Jun 26 2017
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I Love the face tagging and marking the speakers appearance in the timeline.  I've seen where you can remove a particular face as a duplicate or just not wanting it.  Can we go deeper, as an admin, edit the face to tell it who that user is by connecting the user profile of that person?

This could also aid in search to display which videos this person is in, where they don't necessarily say their name to be captured in the transcript.

The image could then change to the user profile image to create continuity within O365.

Add a (...) to the face image where an admin can edit, tag the person and be done.  This could also aid in tying together duplicates to combine two or more seperate lines for a particular speaker.

This would clean up the faces region as well as make it much more pollished.

For larger organizations, the viewer of a video may not know the face of the CEO, CFO or President, but would recognize the name. 


Love this product so far!!!


Matt Engel

Two Men and a Truck International

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I love this idea.

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This is a brilliant idea! Completely agree this would help tidy up the faces section and provide links to key speakers, and memebers of the organisation.

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Adding my voice to this suggestion. The facial recognition features are game changing for our use case and our organization. Something we imagined being very expensive, and labour intensive before is now possible with the ML smarts behind this component of Stream. In order to actually make this functionality useful in our case though, we need the ability to "name" identified faces. Where this matches to a user in our tenant, great, but we also need the ability to name faces that don't appear in our directory. It's also very important to us that the presence of a face in a video is something that is indexed by search (on the basis of how that face was named).

It would also be important for us to see the name next to the face on the People tab below the video player.

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