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External Guests
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It would be good to allow external guest users the ability to upload and view videos to specific channels.


We  have consultants who capture CCTV videos of our assets.  Providing a mechanism whereby they could upload these videos directly to Stream would be great.  Something akin to external sharing in SharePoint.

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Here it is, a little over a year since I first replied and many things have changed:

  • We are now hosting meetings in Microsoft Teams instead of Skype for Business
  • Meetings we record are now automatically loaded into Stream
    • If the meeting happened in a Teams Channel, it is stored in the corresponding Stream Group
      • Though it doesn't seem like the corresponding Stream Channel is being set
  • Attendees of the meeting will be notified via Teams when the recoding has finished processing over in Stream
    • The auto-selected thumbnail is displayed in the Meeting's conversation tab

I cannot describe how much I appreciate all of the above, and more. Great job, [S]T[r]eam teams!!!


But alas, one thing remains the same: We must still duplicate the recording as a Video in an Asset Library in the SharePoint Team Site if we want external attendees/users/guests to have the ability to view the recording. We've automated as much of that process as we can (THANKS, @FlowBot) but it is still:

     a) a redundant set of bytes, and

     b) additional work for us to make the recording available to our customers.


Please let us know if there are any plans to address this within Stream so that we can definitively look elsewhere for a permanent meeting/+recording+sharing solution if we need to.


Again, the progress so far is amazing and thoroughly appreciated as are the people making it happen. Keep doing good...


[UPDATE 8/19/2020] - Nearly 1 year to the day since I posted this, we still have to work around this issue AND we will be demonstrating our work-around in the SharePoint PnP Bi-weekly Special Interest Group call around SharePoint General dev starting at 7:00am PST.

Click to join https://aka.ms/spdev-sig-call-join


[UPDATE 9/10/2020] The recording of the demo has been posted to YouTube: https://youtu.be/UKxhNFdyO_g

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Use Teams they said.

Add Guests they said.

Add apps as tabs they said.

Use Microsoft Stream they said.


It doesn't work. I want to be able to have my teams view recordings of our calls. My teams include Guest users.


P.S. I don't want anyone with the link to be able to view - just the members of the team which includes Guest users.


I see messages that something like this is on the "roadmap" for delivery post today.


Great @Bill_R, looking forward to get it! And I agree with you @stephenwise a recording of a meeting in a channel should, by default, only be ”viewable” in the channel and the members.


But from a video service perspective we would like to create content and distribute internally, to specific users (internal/guests/teams) and off course be able to use it on our external web also.

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Do external users with AAD credentials have the ability to collaborate in Streams?  If not, Streams will not be endorsed by IT in our organization.


@Bill_R The Microsoft Stream: Public anonymous external video sharing feature is pushed out to Q2 CY2020. It seems guest access is tied up in this feature, but I could be wrong.


There is a related conversation at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Stream-Forum/External-Sharing-with-Stream-or-Video/....


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After reading through the above comments I want to make sure I understand... As of right now there is no option or setting to allow a Guest User in a Team to access a Stream Video within a Channel of that Team? If so, I would agree with everything @stephenwise said above. This makes collaboration very difficult.
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What is the status of giving Guest Users access to Stream Videos, etc.? It is absolutely necessary for all members within a Team to have access to what is living inside it. That is the entire point of a collaborative work environment.
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We create how-to videos for our department in our company. We have regional campuses that need to have access to those videos, but the regional campuses are considered guests. Because they are guests they can't access those videos.

Is there a time line of when guests will have access to view Stream videos?

Stream is a great option with the videos because of the closed captioning, but because guests can't access the videos, my employees are looking for other options to store and share their videos.

Thank you!

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Creio que é de grande importância realizarem está implementação no serviço do Microsoft Stream visto necessidade de compartilhamento com outras organizações, agregara muito robustez a ferramenta ganhando mais espaço na concorrência de softwares para Stream.


Recentemente atendi um cliente que precisa integrar para usuários convidados onde a ferramenta não permitiu, o quanto antes realizarem este paço será de grande ajuda a comunidade Microsoft.




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For our company his is essential since we have a related company that need to access the Stream Videos. The domains in each organization is different and all employees on the second company is add as guests users on the admin portal of the first company.
Both company is licence to operate on Stream for all employees.
Please, give this a priority.

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I just wanted to chime in and say I'm eagerly awaiting the ability for my guest team members to be able to view the video content (meeting recordings) in Teams as well.

In a Teams meeting, participants (guests, one time participants, internal participants - ALL) also need the ability to share their screen, 'draw'/move cursor on a screen I'm sharing. 

Thank you for your attention to this and for this amazing product that helps me connect effectively with those with whom I coordinate! Keep up the good work! 

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@Bill_R did this happen in 2019?


Thank you,



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@Alex_Olson Nope. it got pushed back again. I think Q2 of this year now. I'm sure it won't get delayed again.</sarcasm>


Sadly this have been pushed to Q4 2020 :(




It kind off cripples our strategy of using Stream more, now forcing us to look into other solutions with the risk of having several video services to use for our different needs. Not optimal but what to do?


Need external users to be able to see videos

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I was in the process of rolling Stream out to several call centers, but it looks like I'm going to have to pull that back for now. Sharing videos externally is a must. 

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@Nicklas Lundqvist 

Well that's just fantastic.....

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Anyone have a good way of pushing these videos to a SharePoint site/app?



1. Create an Asset Library in your SharePoint Site (might have to activate the Video and Rich Media Site Collection Feature on your site first).

2. Sync the new library to your computer.

3. Download from Stream to the sync folder on your computer.

4. Once the sync up is complete, SharePoint will create a classic Video (Content Type based on Document Set) to host the recording.

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@Jim Duncan Thank you Sir, I will give that a go.

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@Jim Duncan How did you manage the video files since Stream doesn't create a unique description? I have multiple videos for the same meeting on the same day. Looks like I may need to spend time curating the local sync folder... :facepalm:



@Alex_Olson When downloading from Stream to the local folder, change the name that it is saved as rather than taking the default name suggested by Stream.


example: rather than Daily Huddle.mp4, save the file as Daily Huddle - 2020-03-10.mp4

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Yeah, ok. Maybe I can get an honorary degree from UW in Library Science... :cryingwithlaughter:

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This is vitally important. Because there is no easy and true way to have a tenant/domain trust with sibling organizations we're relegated to using B2B. Unfortunately, those coworkers are listed as guests and therefore do not have access to our Stream videos.

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@Jonathan Hall - the way we get around it is to save the stream video file then upload it to the "Files" section of Teams. The Guest users can view it there. A complete work around but at least it keeps everything in Teams.
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@Bruce Kraft Jr Looking at the details, this is not actually news:

  • Added to Roadmap: 4/26/2018
  • Last Modified: 11/4/2019

Nearly two years since this was added to the roadmap and 4 months since it was last updated.


Even so, that is about anonymous access to videos in Stream. That might work for some, but this thread is about access by specific authenticated External/Guest users.

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Agree. How is Stream not inheriting similar permissions tools from Azure AD like everything else?


Guest access, still not on the roadmap. Only public, anonymous access. If it's public content, users  can upload it on Youtube, or Vimeo, and we don't really care. It's public content.


Internal content that we may want to share with Partners or clients, should be kept securely in our domain.


Should we abandon Stream and buy some other partner's 3rd party solution?

Microsoft's silence on this is discouraging.


2020: Waiting for this feature...

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