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External Guests
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It would be good to allow external guest users the ability to upload and view videos to specific channels.


We  have consultants who capture CCTV videos of our assets.  Providing a mechanism whereby they could upload these videos directly to Stream would be great.  Something akin to external sharing in SharePoint.

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I upvoted this Idea which appeared to already have documented a solution.



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I can't understand why this still hasn't made progress (maybe why I don't work in IT!) but Microsoft Stream looked like a natural solution to use when I've just started to adopt Microsoft Teams, however the fact that it does not give guests the appropriate access to things that the team is supposed to be able to see, makes it quite pointless to encourage guests to join teams in the first place. Certainly makes life harder especially when users are tech-phobic as it is. 


The ironic thing is MS knows that this is a highly needed feature as I was directed from a page that says just that: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/portal-share-video

Let's just hope that they are finally working this in soon!

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Gotta upvote this. We use a swathe of 365 apps and want to link video on our (non 365) LMS ...


Best practice is to have guest access but I guess we will work around that somehow ... 

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need for large multi-tenant organizations and merger acquisition companies.  Too many layers to these to force tenant consolidation just to support streams


An absolute must. Upvoted!

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Viewing would be great. we record various teams meetings that land on stream and some of the people in the meeting are third parties that need access to review the meeting recording. Specifically the people in the meeting from third party entities.

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We also need to share a channel as a tab in MS Teams for guest users in a MS Team group. When is this function coming?

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Most of the meetings we have in Teams are with clients that join the meeting via direct invite as opposed to setting them up as guests in our tenant. We record the meeting, and then once it is processed in Stream we download it and save it to a directory in Office 365 OneDrive for Business, we then create a shared link, and send it to them. It would be SO MUCH EASIER to just let them go back to the meeting, open the chat and click on the link for the Stream video.


We're set up as guests in one of our larger client tenants, but we don't join the Microsoft Teams meeting through their tenant; we join the the Teams calendar in our own tenant. Similarly, it would be great to have easy access to meeting recordings without having to log in to their tenant. Of I forgot, I can't have access to those recordings. Yet. 


Please Microsoft, Teams is being used more for meetings than ever before. Meetings are being recorded. Make those recordings accessible to those who attended the meeting. Please. I asked nicely didn't I???

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Maybe this is what they are waiting to hear: Some customers might be willing/able to consider this as a paid add-on...

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Thanks for developping new possibilities!

We realy need to identify public videos and specific people who can see some videos. This could be connected with our CRM and a specific information give access to some videos.


Customers User could see exclusively videos we share

Distributors could see specific formation videos

Technical supports could see technicals videos...

Thanks a lot! Please we need it urgently!


We reallyneed Stream to be able to share content with specific external guests, please!

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il serait souhaitable que dans Stream les invités puissent avoir accès aux différentes vidéos. Avec Teams nous voulons partagé des vidéos à nos invités mais nous sommes obligés de télécharger les vidéos qui sont dans Stream puis de les incorporer à Teams en passant par l'onglet Fichier pour que les invités de la Teams puissent y avoir accès. 
Et cela n'est possible qu'avec un comte administrateur Stream.

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We need this feature as well. 

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Our Teams customers need to be able to share videos with guests.

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We don't have a requirements for external users to add upload content etc - but we do need to share media from Stream with guests / via teams meetings that include guests.

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Sharing externally is a much needed, required feature if we are to use teams as our meeting platform.

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I dont understand how I can share data externally in Onedrive, and even invite guests into Teams but not share the video via stream to those same guests.

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We have been  forced to use Vimeo to host the video recordings of training offered through MS Teams so that access externally is simplified.   A nursing home administrator need only the link and the password we set to share the training with their entire staff.   We can invite the nursing supervisors,  care team and administrators to the MS Team meeting for the live training presentation but nursing home staff need to be able to simply and quickly access the training at any hour of any given day.   


Please,  really,  we are struggling to make life simpler for the direct care staff.  Help us help them.


 We need to allow external anonymous users the ability to view videos on in MS Stream

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So this requested was created three years ago.  It's needed more than ever.  Please move this to the left on your road map.

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Yep, and the crazy work-around is to move the file to a Sharepoint site or OneDrive for Business, and share it from there (even to anyone with the URL, which is anonymous sharing). Microsoft, you are making all these wonderful changes to Teams to stay competitive, and there is no easy way to share a recording of a meeting we just had together? What happened to "form follows function."

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Here is the other thing that drives me a little nuts. Our two largest clients use Teams. They want to be able to IM me from their tenant, but they can't. They have to enter our tenant, and that is not user friendly at all. There needs to be an announcement that you are being IM'd from another tenant, and allow you to immediately and easily switch to that tenant (which right now is neither immediate nor easy). 


@David McKnight I've been able to chat privately with external users, without them having to switch to my Teams tenant first as a "(guest)", so perhaps it is turned off for your tenant or your customer's tenant.


Teams admin center > Org-wide settings > External access:


Annotation 2020-06-19 192209.jpg

If they are hesitant to turn it on, explain that if they do AND add only your domain as an Allowed Domain then their users will only be allowed to chat with people on your domain.

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So you're right @Jim Duncan  -- as I understand it if we're using federation, we can chat like they're in another office of ours, but then we lose other collaboration functions of Teams that we get when they are connected to our tenant as a guest. And at least as I have experienced so far (unless something has changed recently; and a lot has), if they are a guest, to chat has to be done through our tenant:


Compare External and Guest Access 


The other collaboration features, making them part of an ongoing team, is what we really want -- but then to access ANY of those, they have to change tenants.


What I'd like to see is that we could chat just like we're federated, and collaborate just like they're a guest in our tenant -- ideally without having to switch tenants, unless that becomes quick and easy.


Here is another example. One of those clients invites us to participate in a weekly meeting. So the meeting lives in my Teams calendar, and when I launch the meeting, I'm still in my tenant. Now if I want to view documents shared with me through guest access, I have to open their tenant to do that. It is SOoooo frustrating. My workaround is to join the meeting from my calendar in Teams, and then open their tenant through my browser. Why does that make any sense.


And don't get me wrong, I've been using these Microsoft tools from when Planner was first introduced, and we were all on Skype for Business, pre-Teams. I'm a huge fan. Just getting impatient with all the work-arounds I have to do to get the job done.

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3 years since original post!


Using viostream (with Azure auth/SAML) to get around this.
Use had sky rocketed in current COVID environment, don’t see us being able to get this back in to streams even if you do get B2B organised, which let’s face it, doesn’t look like it will happen.... 3 year anniversary today for this thread ... hard to be optimistic, no indications to support optimism.

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please please please please please!!!

just make it possible to share video's with external guests in stream.

For my workshops I use teams with external guests, I record my workshops and the video is automatically uploaded to stream. But then it is blocked to the external guest who are in my teams channel... I really don't understand why. So I have to download the video from stream and then upload it again into teams...

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What about setting a go live date for MS Stream external access ?
We need to share videos with external guest. Unable to truely achieve colaboration without that feature.

Thanks a lot

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This is needed ASAP for Teams adoption. Guest access is already "grey" and that is being nice - getting directed between support for Teams, Azure AD and MS Sales to understand the licencing is not a great customer experience. Even worse then, that not everything you can do in Teams is extended to guests including meeting recordings which is a native control within Teams.

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I love MS Teams and Stream - however if I am recording a meeting I want to share externally, I download it - and convert it using video software to a HTML5 web browser friendly format - then share away! It takes 2 minutes to start the conversion and can run in the background whilst I work. It doesn't take time - in fact less time that I have spent writing this!  Internally - then that just works really very well.

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