Enable P2P caching/optimizing for Stream- SDN Support

Enable P2P caching/optimizing for Stream- SDN Support
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Can there also be something build in that you enable p2p caching of video's in a Corporate context to prevent an overload of the internet line on a company location?



When a lot of people / collegues are looking simultanious to a new video/broadcast, the company WAN link towards the internet might overloaded by people watching the video/stream. I was thinking of embedding a technlogy like this https://wmspanel.com/nimble/p2p_streaming or this http://viblast.com/pdn/ or https://www.peer5.com/cdn, which is clientless but enable P2P technologies preventing overload of WAN links when multiple people on a location are looking at the same video/stream at the same time.



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I'm upvoted this for an integration with Kollective (https://kollective.com/)