Download at lower resolution than original

Download at lower resolution than original



 Sep 15 2017
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As Stream is using the Azure Media Services, I'd love to be able to download the video at a resolution lower than the original.


EG. My Broadcast quality footage is uploaded but I want the user to be able to download a copy at 720p rather than download the massive broadcast quality and have to do a local conversion for use.

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Damien, thanks for the suggestion! This is not currently under near-term consideration, so I wanted to suggest a couple of alternatives to you.


If you happen to have Microsoft Movie Maker (part of the Windows Live Essentials download, no longer supported), it has many fans for the ability to do simple tasks like this. (Note: if you don't have this, don't risk downloading from some unknown third-party site - it might have been altered to include malware.) I haven't tried using broadcast-quality video with the Video Editor app that comes in Windows 10 ( , but you might give that a try. Other favorites are apps such as VLC and Handbrake - learn more about these in articles like, and you'll find great how-to videos on YouTube. I hope one of these ideas helps! 

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