Don't kill Stream Classic feature adaptive bitrate multiple resolutions on the new Stream Platform

Don't kill Stream Classic feature adaptive bitrate multiple resolutions on the new Stream Platform
 Oct 02 2020
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Working on it

Today the Stream Classic Platform has a Videoportal like multiple bitrate (adaptive) streaming to play the videos in a good quality with different bandwith (eg. mobile, LTE,...)


Microsoft announced that they will kill this feature in the new Stream Platform.

This would be a big step backwards!

I think it could be a very big problem with highly encoded Videos to playback these on mobile platforms.


Stream (Classic) pre-encodes and encrypts all videos upload to multiple bitrate and resolutions so it can do adaptive bitrate streaming via CDN.

Today, OneDrive and SharePoint video playback uses different playback technology depending on the bitrate of the video.

  • Smaller videos (<3 Mbps bitrate or video itself is <5 Mb) - Uses progressive playback, so the video needs to be created with a video codec supported by the browser and device
  • Medium bitrate videos (3-50 Mbps) - Uses "just in time" encoding to do adaptive bitrate streaming on the fly as someone clicks to play the video and caches encrypted parts of the video on a CDN as multiple people play the video from the same geographic region
  • Large bitrate videos (50+ Mbps) - Cannot be played in the service and can be only downloaded for local playback

Over time, the new Stream will improve the above playback technology that exists in OneDrive and SharePoint to ensure a high-quality and performant playback experience that matches Stream (Classic), where you don't need to worry about bitrates or codecs for your videos. You just upload your video and Stream ensures your viewers can play it back at scale.


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As the passage you quoted describes, we're working on building the same encoding features that videos on Classic Stream have into playback for videos on OneDrive and SharePoint in New Stream. Classic Stream will remain available until playback on New Stream is as good or better as what is available on Classic Stream.

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