Disabling / Hiding Share Button

Disabling / Hiding Share Button



 Mar 02 2020
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I work in a school and we would like to use Stream as an internal YouTube of sorts with in-house events etc. The one thing holding us back is the share button. While you can only share things internally (thank to current admin settings) we do not want the students having temptation to easily spam it and share things unnecessarily to teachers and support staff.


Can we have a option to "hide" the share button??



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It is not possible to hide the share button, you have the possibility to set the permissions in this way if the video has been shared, the user will not be able to see it


See the following link for setting permissions




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I am not looking at who can and cannot see the video as I have already set that. I am looking for a way that the students can't spam emails via the share option. 

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