Different Group and Channel Permissions

Different Group and Channel Permissions



 Sep 23 2021

Stream has many great features but it makes it very hard to centralize or organize information due to it's Group and Channel structure. 


Currently it's not possible to create a Company Wide public Group, and within that group channels that are displayed based on their permissions. While it's possible to make all channels Public, each uploaded video would need to have permissions set individually. 


I've seen discussions about the need for this from other users but couldn't find an idea to vote on.  



Company Group (Public) 

- Leadership Meetings (Public)

- Specialty 1 Presentations (Group 1)

- Specialty 2 Presentations (Group 2) 

- Administration Meetings (Group 1, Group 2, Group 3)


It would also be great if we could leverage company DLs to use as permissions and not just Microsoft Teams. 

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