Define default sorting order for a channel and through URL

Define default sorting order for a channel and through URL
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Whenever a user visits a channel, the default sorting order is always based on Trending. It would be nice to be able to default to one of the other sorting options (Relevance, Publish date, Views, Likes).


Also, it would be nice if we could set the sorting order with a URL parameter. That way we can construct a URL that defines the sorting order for a specific channel when users click that URL.

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+1 for define default sort order for Stream Channels.  we have many channels with different needs, and Trending is sub-optimal for many of our regularly updated channels. 

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Can any MS representative provide an update on the potential addition of ordering functionality or something similar like play lists?  As mentioned previously training videos and many other groups of videos have a specific play order - this functionality is desperately needed in a platform intended for internal use.

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Just adding a comment here in case it helps the upvote. I would love this feature as well. As an admin that wants 1,000's of videos uploaded to meet the needs of a global workforce of over 100,000 people, being able to have a sorted structure would be helpful. I am already using groups and channels. A simple default order by naming convention (example, E01, E02, E03) would really be all I need. I find that some users struggle to find the drop down that allows them to do this on their own. 


If we reversed the default to be by order of name (or some other controllable parameter) and then made trending a "drop down option," it would go a long way in terms of user friendliness. Thanks for considering this adjustment!

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For some use cases it only makes sense to order by creation date.  Users may want to watch a series in order.  Content providers may want their newest posts to be easily found.

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I was stunned to see this feature was not already in the platform. Something so simple is keeping the it from becoming a key video platform. MS please implement ASAP! Thanks

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Definitely a requirement to sort by name or meta data so a specific order can be fixed by the channel owners. 

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From a channel embedded in Teams, there is not even a way for the *user* to sort by name or publishing date. Ordering by "Trending" is useless in this context. The default should be to sort by publish date, with most recent videos at the top.


We all have our own perspective on what the Default sequence should be and I fully support that.  However, as a developer of Training Material, I think that a solution could be that the default sequence should be defined by the OWNER of the channel. 


In my world I want to sequence the videos in the order that learners 'should watch'.  They should then be able to change the sequence if they wish.


This could keep everyone happy :)


My previous comment:

As a Trainer, I really need people to watch Video Tutorials in sequence, so being able to set a default sequence by name or a meta data tag is essential.  I currently number the videos within the name and add a description 'Recommend the videos be watched in numerical order'.  But this is just a 'work around'... I would like to see this functionality sooner rather than later.




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I don't know if you all have noticed, but Stream has been updated!!! You can now change the default view of the videos in a channel.... OH YEAH!!!!! :)

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Finally the default sort order can be set to Publish Date!  Unfortunately for me this feature came a bit too late.  Due to this limitation we've already moved to Litmos.  It's better suited for presenting ordered training content.


I will be taking down my Streams content in the next couple of weeks.

Status changed to: Completed

We just added a setting on Stream channels that allows the channel owner to set the default sort order of videos, so it doesn't have to be "Trending" all the time. We also added the ability to sort videos in the channel by "Name."


So now with these 2 changes you can better direct viewers to look at the videos in your channel in the order that you think make sense.


See this help doc for more info:







(Sorry it took us forever to get to this feature)


Yay! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Perfect! Just tested and it's working for me, thanks, team!! The other thing I really would love to see is the search for a group capability:



I am delighted with this - Thank you! :)



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Thank you, FINALLY!



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This seems to work on the Streams site, but when I view the channel through a tab in a Team channel, it still uses "Trending" sort order :(

Thanks, @Marc Mroz! Works nicely in Stream itself. Two additional requests though:


- Could you add the same sorting options (especially Name, I like that one) to the SharePoint web part for Stream?


- Could you make sure that the Stream tab in Teams either follows the set default sorting order of Stream or give us the same sorting options in the tab configuration options?



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Woohoo!!!! Ditto for the teams and when it links for SharePoint site :) 

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Maarten Eekels comment above is spot on... This request isn't "completed". I can now sort in the actual Streams channel but when I add the streams channel as a tab in MS Teams, I cannot maintain the sort I've chosen. As a MS Teams and SharePoint administrator, I want to be able to sort by file Name in Streams and have it maintained wherever the Stream channel manifests.

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The following URL parameter seems to work now.





Sort values:

  • date
  • name
  • trending
  • views
  • likes
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@Marc Mroz ,  this should be possible for the Channels also.   Can we add this for setting a default sorting order on the Channels in your group?     We really need Name for the Channels too.   Thanks

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Please give us the ability to sort by name.  I can't imagine who decided that this was not something that users wanted from the beginning.

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Is there a way to change the sort ORDER of the field chosen (Ascending vs Descending)? It is defaulted to Ascending and I'd like to display the videos with the latest at the top.


Yes, more sort options, particularly by name, are so needed. 


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We still cannot sort a Stream channel embed in Sharepoint by name. Can you please make this possible? 


Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 1.30.57 PM.png

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