Default to turn on Captions / subtitles

Default to turn on Captions / subtitles



 Jun 30 2017
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When uploading film that include subtitles/captions it would be very useful if there was a functionality to allow the uploader to select captions/subtitles to run automatically.

Currently if subtitles/captions have been added it is not clear to the person watching the film that they are available at all. See example below.


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It would be great if default cc were an option for embedding. ...autoplay=true&showinfo=true&st=54&showcaptions=1

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I agree, this functionality should be offered as default when setting up a video resource. Especially if someone has taken the time to edit automatic captioning.

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Can't agree more. This definitely should be an option for an Admin.

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Yes please!  From an accessibility view point, this would be such a great option.

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Great idea, makes a lot of sense
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Please can this option be added, i'm surprised it's not already
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Please add this Default Setting Feature for Auto CC

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Is it yet possible in Stream to have caption on video turned on by default?

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My solution for this was to set the video's language to Spanish, upload a caption file for Spanish, and upload a subtitle file for English. I had to do both caption and subtitle to get it working on mobile and web.

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