Default Language for Microsoft Stream

Default Language for Microsoft Stream
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I am absolutely in love with streams ability to transcribe a video automatically. It would be ideal if you could set a default language and not have to go into each video and set the language to allow the automatic transcription to occur.

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Being able to choose the default language/subtitle file for videos would be great. Though our company caters to other regions with translated subtitles, the majority of our audience are people who primarily speak English so having Chinese subtitles show by default is definitely not ideal.

Also not sure why clicking the CC button only turns on/off whatever the default subtitle is (in this case it's Chinese due to the list being automatically sorted alphabetically).

In HTML5, you can select which .vtt track is your default and the CC button natively displays your list of options with "Off" being one of them. However in Stream, you have to click the gear icon (which is not intuitive for most users) and then there's even more options. The gear icon should only have options to change CC appearance, while the CC button should display the list. Three buttons and additional clicks just to see the proper subtitle file is too many and should be simplified.

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I run into the same issue.  I record a meeting in Teams, but the video is not transcribed unless I click through to Stream and edit the video and choose a Video Language, which then enables the "Autogenerate a caption file" checkbox, which is checked by default.  Several minutes later, the transcript will show up for the video.  But we shouldn't have to do this per video.  We should be able to set the default language for all videos.  I set my Stream user settings to English, but it doesn't seem to affect the Video Language of newly recorded meetings from Teams.

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 This seems like a no-brainer to me, or at least an option that can be set in the tenant or in some sort of Stream admin function. You could leave it blank if you want, but for companies that solely operate in one region, one country, or simply only need one language - this would be a huge help for the auto-transcription of meetings. 

Alternatively, it could listen and automatically infer the language if it's recognized as one of the languages Microsoft is capable of transcribing. 

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Video language should be detected and set by default on recordings. I currently have to manually set that on every recording to get captions generated. If ambiguous (e.g. English and Spanish detected), use my O365 language setting to resolve the ambiguity. If I manually change the language, honor my change.

Note: There are Office 365 and Stream settings for language, but recordings don't honor those settings. I considered asking that they be honored, but it would clearly be more user friendly to just detect the language used, especially given that you only support English and Spanish right now. This might become more difficult eventually, when more languages are supported, hence the suggestion to use our Office 365 language setting when auto-detection is ambiguous.

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Especially now that videos are automatically uploaded to Stream from Teams, I'd like to "upvote" this feature request.

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I agree, setting a default language is preferred in all that I do.  Fewer steps in any process is what every user looks for.  Why make Stream any different.  The easier to manage to more people will use it and LOVE it!

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Is this really not an option right now?  I would also love to see this setting.

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I am really surprised, that you have to set language for creation of captions.

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Maybe Microsoft fears that Azure will overload if captions are automatically generated? :lol:

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It seems to be a 'bug'.  But I would vote for the creation.  Along with better transcripts and enhance CC.

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I second that we would like to see that feature. Voted here.

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This is a really frustrating problem. I've recorded Teams meetings wanting closed captions / transcripts, but they aren't generated unless the owner goes in and sets a language on each video.

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