Deeper Stream Analytics

Deeper Stream Analytics
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I am a big fan of the security and employee engagement that Stream offers as opposed to O365 Video or Youtube as a hosting platform for internal content.  However, I'm really disappointed with the depth of available analytics and would like to see the following stat points added to the platform:


- average percentage of the video watched, or a graphical breakdown like we had with O365 video

- geographical breakdown of views

- views over time

- playback location (embed vs. native)

- traffic source (where they came from to watch)

- Playback device


Ideally, I'd like to have a dashboard where I could see videos that I have admin access to (not just that I've uploaded) so that I could compare one video to another or see trends over time, that could be filtered by videos I've uploaded, Channels, and teams.


This would be a really valuable tool for us if Microsoft will do more than just dip its toe into video.

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Centralized monitoring for live events stream in Call analytics for Teams.

--> how many attendees, location, views over time (real time monitoring, not post fact) - for IT Admins

--> possibility to download attendee report in central place (for IT Admins)

--> insights about potential issues during connection to live event (for IT Admins), something simmilar to CQD, but inside Call analytics (with some link to CQD if required).




Any updates to this, we just switched to Stream for our internal video platform and it's kind of a bummer that we cannot gleam any stats such as unique views or viewer duration for any of our videos. 

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Dear Microsoft, any update on the status of this idea? As a teacher I loved the statistics in "Office Mix" that allowed me to view how much time students spend on each slide (video made from a Powerpoint presentation) how often student review a slide, of skip a slide, how often the video is started, where they stop / skip, all this information would be helpful to discus with students what they need for there study.


Thanks in advance,

Martijn H.

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Yes! This would be great. I do a lot of trainings and recordings and have been looking for a way to take this data and create some type of graphs with it. Right now I manually have to go and check the data (how many views/videos) and put into a data table and upload to powerbi. It would be great is Streams had all this integrated and created charts/graphs automatically. This really is such valuable data! 

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