Deeper Stream Analytics

Deeper Stream Analytics
 Jan 03 2018
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I am a big fan of the security and employee engagement that Stream offers as opposed to O365 Video or Youtube as a hosting platform for internal content.  However, I'm really disappointed with the depth of available analytics and would like to see the following stat points added to the platform:


- average percentage of the video watched, or a graphical breakdown like we had with O365 video

- geographical breakdown of views

- views over time

- playback location (embed vs. native)

- traffic source (where they came from to watch)

- Playback device


Ideally, I'd like to have a dashboard where I could see videos that I have admin access to (not just that I've uploaded) so that I could compare one video to another or see trends over time, that could be filtered by videos I've uploaded, Channels, and teams.


This would be a really valuable tool for us if Microsoft will do more than just dip its toe into video.

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Currently, o365 Video has very basic view statistics.  We would like at least that level of statistics brought to Stream.

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Having better analytics would allow us to adjust our resources to focus on topics of interest.

Stats that we would like to know:


  • Number of unique views
  • Number of viewers watching a video 2, 3, 4.... times
  • Who is following
  • Who is liking
  • Number of shares
  • Viewing trends.
    • What time of day are people watching?
    • What day of the week are people watching?
    • How much of the video are people watching? 10% - 50% - 100%?

I'm sure that there is more that people would want to know, but this is just what i came up with off the top of my head.

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Business needs insight on the effectiveness of enterprise video distribution. For this, they request more in-depth usage/view statistics: time-watched per users, drop-off points, intensity maps, numbers of watches per group, break down per country. 

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Adding to your great comment:


Demographic and geographic stats.

Devices used to watch a video.

Playback location.

Average view duration (but in minutes and seconds).

Total watch time.

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To make Stream more of a viable proposition within an industry with compliance requirements, and to go some way to delivering some of the capabilities that a Learning Management System (LMS) might, Stream should:


  1. Deliver user-centric stats, with the possibility of extending that information into an LMS
  2. Be SCORM-compliant
  3. Offer the flexibility to host content solely within certain jurisdictions under a single O365 tenant
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Would also love to know how long people are watching the video for and when the start dropping off!

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I like the idea of number of unique views. I also like the number of shares, people following, liking and commenting. Any demographics would be useful, even if not tied to specific individuals. We would also want to see who is watching the videos.

To provide all of this: a connector or an APP in POWER BI :)

below is a short list of items that will help in getting insights on videos

  1. Most views
  2. Highest engagement
  3. Best click through rates
  4. Viewer attention span
  5. Drop off rates
  6. Geographical location
  7. Skip ratio
  8. Repeatedly viewed content
  9. Engagement level/count
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From many organisations perspectives, having data tied to individual users would help from a performance management persepctive.


Knowing what they're watching, and whether they've completed the video would help in areas where the videos are used for educational, learning, training & development purposes.


I agree that feeding this data back into Power BI would be a great feature.

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I too agree with adding the analytics to Stream, otherwise it doesn't have the appeal to our company. For smaller companies, that can't afford CMS platforms, OfficeMix provided a way to conduct required employee training with a enough analytics to comply with audits. Without adding the analytics to stream, we are back to using adobe and tracking training outside of SharePoint/Office 365. You would think with all the software capabilities within the Office 365 & SharePoint environment, this would be a no brainer and a easy fix for the top minds at Microsoft. I've searched the Internet for other solutions using SharePoint, SharePoint Designer, Flow, PowerApps, etc. to find a way to rollout employee training/with embeded quizzes that would provide the analytics.  OfficeMix got us to about 80% but with Stream, we taken steps backwards to about 20%. This causes a huge gap with our audits. I'm hoping this will be added before the end of year, so I don't become bald in the process. lol


Agreed with all of the above, but see @Joost Koopmans' comment about privacy/EU concerns/option in related thread. See also my comment on same thread about making it more granular.


Also, [reposting from same thread for any moderators watching], there are (at least) 3 threads right now (including this one) with this same basic intent:

The first 2 are essentially identical, while the third is more broad but still covers this (particularly in the comments).


As of right now, the combined votes is 164. Is there anyone who can merge/connect these (and any others that might be relevant) to better show the interest/votes?

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Agreed, we can't launch Stream as it stands. There seems a lack of any reporting and no integration with SharePoint search, which is key for us with a SharePoint intranet.


At the moment there's no benefit to moving to Stream compared to storing videos in a SP library, which gives better stats and returns items in a search.


Just following this feed for future info. We also use Office Mix and like the analytics for compliance videos and are waiting to see what Stream can/will do.

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Agree - statistics are essential.

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A few more things that would would look to report on...


  • Upload date
  • Views
  • Number of people it reached
  • Who has viewed, by dept etc.
  • Device
  • Average view time
  • Total View time
  • Comments/likes/feedback
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Ditto above and +1 for Who watched the video.  We need to track by user to ensure they are watching 'required' training videos.

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greed, we need the ability to see who watched the video and how long. 

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It would be great to have the usage data exportable into Excel or PowerBi

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Engagement Numbers Please!

"average percentage of the video watched, or a graphical breakdown like we had with O365 video"

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I agree 100%. We need deeper stats on usage and who's viewing in order to track corporate training for adoption and compliance. This would also help us pivot our internal communications strategy based on areas of interest, low adoption, etc. 


I agree "Views" is simply insufficient.  


Further - what is a "view"?  Is it unique viewers?  Is it counted once they press play or only if the video streams to its complete end (not a few seconds before when credits & logos roll)?  


An Minimal Viable Product would include: 

  • Views (anyone who started the video)
  • Completed Views (completed it when at least 95-100% of the video has been streamed)
  • Simple Chart for drop off points.  % of viewers that streamed to a time, using 10 second increments. i.e. 50% of viewers dropped between 1M50S & 1M60S out of 2M00S video.  

More advanced: 

  • Who viewed. 
  • Who completed vs started
  • Referring Site if embedded view.  i.e. did they view from Sharepoint site 1 or Sharepoint site 2
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Schools need analytics for their Stream Videos. Adding the stats suggested above, will help us bridge the gap since Office Mix has gone. 

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We definitely need the analytics for Stream - otherwise our team would not adopt it. We actually don't even need who watched - just an aggregation of views across channels would be great. Right now, each video seems to have its own - which is unfortunately not easy to aggregate for reporting. 

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We need atleast app's reporting. Not able to convince users to use Stream over Brainshark just for reporting. 

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Deeper analytics (not just hit count) would be certainly extremely useful to mine learning activities data from the video and help us improve the video and plan training programs. Especially since Stream already integrated with the Office platform. 

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If I remember correctly. Office Mix did show me who viewed and how much time was spent viewing videos.


Following and agreed to all above comments. Need analytics* to measure value and impact of video content, as well as approval, moderation, @mentions and notification about comments. Please!

*liked your MVP suggestions, @Chad Johnson 

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As so many have said before, we need more specifics analytics on the content. At the very minimum, we need to be able to see what users are viewing the content and how long they're watching each video. SCORM-compliance would also be amazeballs. But overall, please give us the data we need to adequately leverage this powerful internal knowledge-sharing tool. 

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