Creation of Microsoft Stream directories

Creation of Microsoft Stream directories



 Jun 01 2020
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In the plans

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Microsoft Stream のディレクトリ作成について

Creation of Microsoft Stream directories



現在の Microsoft Stream の動画管理において、ディレクトリ等を作成し動画を整理する機能がないことを確認しました。

Microsoft Stream 上に動画をアップロードする際、整理してアップロードできるよう、ディレクトリ等を作成する機能の拡充を希望します。



Currently for managing Microsoft Stream videos, there is no way to create directories to organize the videos.

When videos are uploaded to Stream, we would like an option to organize and upload, and to create directories for the videos.

As background, when uploading videos in the future we would be able to upload many files at once and sort them into directories.

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Hi O365_Japan_Support. Thanks for your input! The organizational tools of Stream can be frustrating. Unfortunately, we won't be making any changes to this in Stream (Classic), but for New Stream, ODSP lets you organize files in folders and folder directories. New Stream will treat the videos just like files and you can easily organize vidoes just like you organize files.

Status changed to: In the plans