Channel Permissions Owners and Members

Channel Permissions Owners and Members

We are currently trialling Stream as a submission platform for students' video work. We have set up a Group for the entire year level, then created separate channels for each class. All students have access to all Channels as there are not individual permissions/invitations we can set up for this (which is disappointing but we can work around that for now). In the future it would be helpful to invite only certain people to certain Channels.


Despite the current level of permissions, students have been able to change the Channel name and Channel image without being "owners". Their permissions are set as "members", so am wondering why they would have access to change these settings. Owners should be the only people that can change these settings. Members should only be able to upload and view videos. Also, the ability to track changes made at this level is necessary. If the Channel name and image are changed, we need to be able to see who made those changes from an "owner" log-in or back-end.


These functions would greatly increase the usability of Stream for schools and this kind of sharing between teachers and students.


Thank you.

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