Canvas Office 365 LTI App has major issues

Canvas Office 365 LTI App has major issues



 Nov 15 2017
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The Office 365 LTI App in Canvas was working great last school year. Now, nothing is working correctly. Cloud Assignment was awesome last year. But now, they no longer work. All of our Teachers loved it. We have been unsuccessful in getting ANY help to resolve our issues. Canvas Support and Microsoft Support say they cannot help us. Who wrote the LTI App? Why is there no support for it? Why is it now broken? 

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Share your pain. I wish someone would take responsibility for this and develop it to its full functionality. It is a pretty poor effort especially when you consider the Google LTI on Canvas. Perhaps the most frustrating thing is the lack of communication when you ask questions...!

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Stop Luftës dhe varfërise nëpër Botë !

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