BUG: Show 'Notify Stream Admins when Quota reaches 85%'

BUG: Show 'Notify Stream Admins when Quota reaches 85%'



 Mar 20 2019
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Having tested this morning, in the stream admin portal in usage details the tick box does not show when you set the usage quota to 85%. It shows when you save it as 86%, 84% and any other percentage, but not 85%.


I would assume that 85% is the default notification percentage, but am uncertain whether this is actually enabled since there is no visual confirmation. Obviously this is confusing as Admins cannot gage whether they have set to 85% previously, and so need to set as 86% or 84% as a workaround.


Thanks! Chris



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Indeed, after activating the notification the check box disappeared.

How to get it back?

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