Branding - colors and background image for main page & channels

Branding - colors and background image for main page & channels



 Jun 20 2017
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Make it possible for organizations to apply their branding rules over the application layout. Setting up colors, background images and logos. Following other ideas already presented, it would also be nice to give a channel owner to setup some of the look and feel of its channel.

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It would be great to be able to create pages with different video layouts.

I can imagine creating a Netflix style page with our videos by metatag and allow security by those pages, similar to pages in Sharepoint. That way we can secure certain content to employees, and other content for students.

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It will be useful to have the ability to brand Stream pages with our company brand; text, colors, etc...

At the minumum to have the ability to add the company logo and color to the header of the pages.

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A big +1 for this -- currently there's no way for the user to be assured they're still in an organizationally approved environment.

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We should be able to customize the color scheme/palette to:


  1. Inherit the Office 365 color theme
    and / or
  2. Allow for at least some minimal color palette choices. If we don't get the choice to inherit the theme, we could at least be able to customize the primary / secondary colors to be able to emulate whatever our tenant's Office 365 theme is.

One of the biggest area of concern for some of these separate apps is that they make the user feel completely disjointed, like they are no longer in the organizations Office 365 tenant. This type of experience makes it more difficult for organizations to easily move from Videos to Stream, even if the experience itself is far superior. Users get used to a similar experience and when it changes, they get nervous, confused, give up. I wish this wasn't the case......


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Second this. Would also like the ability to upload custom fonts as well.

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Third this.  The biggest impact is the ability for users to easily get back to our corporate intranet homepage, and other tools.


The waffle is just a link to myapps (inefficient), and Stream doesnt use our corporate logo and link that is available on all other platform services.


I'd use the O365 Header, then drop down the Stream controls right underneath it.

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A big +1 for this as well. Seamless branding experience within our O365 tenant is one of the reason we picked O365 video as enterprise video solution over another. 

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This would be a welcome feature.  Even simple admin priviledges to add colour skins, and a corporate logo would help tailor the experience to the organisation.

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Please add in ability for a prominent landing/custom text area so the channel can be explained to users in the context of the company its being used in.


eg, Welcome to the .... corporate video channel. To request a channel please contact... Technical queries please contact ..... with any queries etc. etc,

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Please add custom branding abilities! 

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Looking at Steam as a solution, branding is wanted

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+1 Branding would great as well has simple homepage customization. For example, we would love to hide the Microsoft training videos on the homepage. They only confuse our users since we restrict those who can upload and create channels/groups.


Also, you can no longer create groups in Stream, but the video on the homepage shows how to do so still.

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+1 for branding at the organizational level.


Additionally, it would be very beneficial to allow channel owners to customize channels themes, logos and text, e.g. HR can brand their own channel, while Training Dept would brand their own themes. Currently there is only the option to change the top ribbon, and it's for the organization. Each division and dept would like to have their own branding as well.

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My company just started using Stream for our internal marketing. This would be hugely beneficial for our team member engagement and marketing consistency.

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That's a very good idea.



We have the top ribbon customized for the entire tenant by tenant admin. This ribbon is visible in all Office 365 applications including STREAM; their by maintaining consistency in branding. 

The ribbon is in same line with the waffle icon (or App launcher / Nine dots on the top right) . 

Hope its helpful to someone.




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Thanks for all the feedback on this idea! With the shift from Stream (Classic) to New Stream, which stores content on OneDrive and SharePoint and will allow you to create customizable SharePoint video portals, this request is slated to be met in 2021. Stay tuned. 

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