Automatic deletion of files uploaded to Stream

Automatic deletion of files uploaded to Stream



 Oct 14 2020
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In the plans

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Stream にアップロードされたファイルの自動削除

Automatic deletion of files uploaded to Stream



MP4 ファイルをはじめとする動画ファイルについて、アップロードを続けるとストレージをひっ迫してしまう。



If you continue uploading MP4 files, the storage available gets used up.

Please add a way to maintain free space by automatically deleting uploaded video files as they exceed a certain period of time.

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Status changed to: In the plans

Hi O365_Japan_Support, automatic content organization of stored videos are in the plan for the new Stream. Customers will be able to set up automatic policies to delete old team meeting recordings to help them save space.

Listed in the roadmap as "Automatic expiration of Microsoft Teams meeting recordings to clean up old recordings" here

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Would this also include the ability to set default expiry/deletion of videos at point of upload. For example, company all hands to be deleted after 3 months

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I like the idea of setting a 'retention policy' on videos at the time of upload.

Corporate comms can be long-lived, ad-hoc Teams recordings are usually ephemeral.

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