Auto-Upload to Stream via app or through "OneDrive"

Auto-Upload to Stream via app or through "OneDrive"
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I submitted an idea before about creating "folders" in the "My Video" section of Stream so we can separate videos, organize videos and even set default policies in folders.

STREAM definitely needs the ability to allow automatic upload videos.  This could either be through a watchfolder app on a local deskptop/server or through the "OneDrive" app.  I think both should be done.  Having the ability to auto-upload to a specific folder in the "MY Video" section of Stream would really make Stream much more desirable and usable.    Being able to drop a video into a folder on my PC, which uploads to "oneDrive" cloud through the "Onedrive" app, and then is auto-transferred to a video folder in "Stream" would be very desirable and really increase demand for STREAM (Perhaps by using "Flow" option or allowing Stream to access the onedrive folder directly).

We definitely need this.    

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Yes, this would be a useful step forward to those providing organisational video services, as would publicly viewable video.

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Yes, we need this

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