Auto Pause

Auto Pause



 Feb 02 2021


My 5 year old son is home learning due to coronavirus lockdowns.  His teachers have recorded lessons which he accesses via OneNote and then Stream to watch the videos.  The teacher frequently asks him to "Pause the video now whilst you go get your colours (etc)".  He then fumbles to pause whilst the video invariably continues to play, then we have to back track 10 seconds and play again.  It's just a bit clumsy.


My idea is to give the teacher the ability to insert a Pause tag / breakpoint into the video.  Stream would then encounter this tag and pause the video automatically.  My son can then press play again when he's ready.  A similar effect could be achieved if the teacher recorded multiple recordings and then each video ended, (like chapters?), but this is asking a lot more overhead from the teachers who are could be challenged by this all already and have limited video editing skills.  I have no idea what goes into the creation of these videos, what format they are or whether inserting tags is even remotely possible! :) 


If at all possible though it would make Stream a slightly better tool for education, which is what we're using it for.





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