Auto-generated transcripts OFF by default

Auto-generated transcripts OFF by default
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I use Microsoft Stream to post rough copies of videos for project sponsors to review and approve. Final copies then get uploaded to YouTube - at which point captioning/transcript is ordered through a 3rd party vendor. My colleagues keep asking me about Microsoft Stream's auto-generated captions - they are confused by the amount of errors and whether or not it will be used. I am having to explain several times per week that, no, we don't use these captions and they can disregard it.


I am sometimes uploading a hundred videos per month. We are all busy people and I am no exception - I just do not have time to turn off captions for each video. PLEASE create a feature in user settings that will allow me to have auto-generated captions turned off for all videos I upload in the future.

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@Kyle Ritchie I am coming from the opposite: How the hack did you manage to have captions generated automatically? I want them to be generated for every video I upload.