Any support for Flash/SWF files in Stream?

Any support for Flash/SWF files in Stream?



 Jun 20 2017
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There are many video files in my organization greater than 10GB size on File Shares. As I cannot migrate them to SharePoint, I am planning to connect my File Share from within SharePoint. As currently SharePoint does not support playing these video file formats my purpose of reading my file share content from SharePoint is nullified.

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Unfortunately, this is not in the plans for Stream (Classic). As we roll out New Stream, all storage is moving to SharePoint and OneDrive, and it sounds as if that won't help you.


If you are still using the Flash files, another possibility might be to batch convert them to a more modern format. If these are video files, it's possible that transcoding them to .mp4 files will result in smaller files. I don't know of a good batch conversion tool to recommend, but there are many sites that make recommendations. Two caveats: many of the recommendations are for online conversion, which sounds impractical for the size of files you have; and while some sites claim that certain products will convert SWF files to MP4, check the product or online documentation first to confirm that it will really accept a SWF file as the source.

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