Allow to add multiple users at once, to a group.

Allow to add multiple users at once, to a group.



 May 07 2018
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Pretty basic function, as it is right now, you have to add people one by one.

Please let us paste a comma separated list of emails to add multiple users at once.


Thank you.

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 I agree. I need to add 240 people and the only way to currently do this is to enter one by one! I can't afford to spend time doing this for multiple groups.

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One workaround I found is creating a group in MS Teams, and using that group when adding people to a video.

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Hi David and Noni. Thanks for your input! I hear you - the single-entry model can be frustrating. Unfortunately, we won't be fixing this in Stream (Classic), but for New Stream, semi-colon separated names are already supported just using the standard M365 file sharing dialog box.



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