Allow the user to select different video playback quality

Allow the user to select different video playback quality



 Oct 27 2020
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I find that the only options for playback quality selection is "1080p-567.7Kbps" or "Audio Only-69.5Kbps".


From what I have read there is a quality test that Stream does when you load the video. Often I find the video will play fine for sometime but if any other systems on the network (kids watching tv etc) takes up internet bandwidth it can cause buffering issues which the video doesn't recover from. This is more problematic with longer videos where the bandwidth might have been find at first but not later on. 


Like other platforms can we not have an Auto mode, but also allow the user to set the quality level based on their bandwidth. Like I would often opt to watch at a lower bandwidth when high quality video is not required.

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Has a feature update been deployed or something else changed as I can now see the ability to change quality on videos? Older videos don't seem to have this option but some more recent videos that are uploaded or recorded from Teams meetings seem to?

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