Allow 'Request Access' like SharePoint within MS Stream (Opt-In If Needed)

Allow 'Request Access' like SharePoint within MS Stream (Opt-In If Needed)



 May 21 2020
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Just like a Microsoft site, let people request access. If needing to opt-in per video (e.g. if video intentionally private in a more public view and not wanting to entertain access requests). It drives me nuts people having to email me. One of the most powerful features is the access control around the videos which we don't have with SharePoint videos and I just can't get there with MS Stream. Please help my mental sanity. Really love the service otherwise, great way to host videos and search non-industry-jargon terms too.

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Yes, sometimes colleagues share a link to a video they don't own, or the owners don't know how to open up the permissions so that the link works for everyone. Unlike with SharePoint, you also aren't able to identify the owner via the URL, so you can't even figure out who you need to ask for permissions!

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