Allow access to students in China and Hong Kong

Allow access to students in China and Hong Kong



 Apr 23 2020
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We are a school with students currently staying at family homes in China mainland and Hong Kong. We have found that the mainland students are unable to view videos in Stream. My understanding is that it is possible for the Hong Kong students. This makes it very difficult to provide the same online learning experience for these students during the lock-down. Is there any chance that this will be opened up so that lesson videos can be viewed by these students? Thanks.

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We are currently working with a School in the US that will have some Students distance learning from China through Teams (If this is possible). This Doc describes optimizing for Cross Border congestion but I'm finding it hard to find anything that states functionality parity to the US.

Does anyone have suggestions?

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Apparently, Microsoft is planning to host videos in China in the (hopefully near) future: I have no idea what their timeline is, though. This is something that I also need, otherwise, I probably have to find an alternative hosting solution for my online class videos for spring 2021.

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